NEWTECH Introduction
NEWTECH In line with the diversified trading environment in the global era, we are developing fitness business by enhancing our external competitiveness and expertise through One Stop service. One stop 서비스를 통해
대외 경쟁력과 전문성을 높여
휘트니스(fitness) 품목의 사업 전개


‘To ensure that everyone can be healthy and happy at the age of 100, NewtechWellness Co., Ltd. is constantly striving to promote the health of the people as well as to promote sports-for-all.’

NewtechWellness Co., Ltd. is rewriting the fitness market at home and abroad based on its accumulated technology and research experience. In line with the global era, we meet various needs of our domestic and foreign customers through one-stop service that is responsible for everything from product development to production and manufacturing, domestic and overseas sales, delivery and installation, and A/S.
We continue to roll out new products for the growth of competitive enterprises, demonstrating our technical skills and expertise. We manufacture and sell more than 80 kinds of fitness equipment and have a number of design, utility models, and patents. We are gradually expanding our export market based on excellent quality and design, and since 2014, we have been strengthening our internationalization and sales power by exporting health equipment to various countries such as Vietnam, Japan, China, and Hungary.
In 2017, he won the '54th Trade Day' award for the top export of $1 million and is striving to globalize the brand by participating in exhibitions and fairs at home and abroad. We have also signed a partnership agreement with NewtechWellness Inc. with Mr. Olympia, the world's leading bodybuilding competition. Mr. Olympia is an annual international bodybuilding competition held by the International Federation of Bodybuildings and is considered the best in the professional bodybuilding industry. NewtechWellness Co., Ltd. is Mr. Olympia's partner, and will be rewriting the fitness market at home and abroad.


  • Building a stable financial structure through
    cost competitive inventory
  • Improving the business organization
    and management system in preparation
    for growth changes
  • Process innovation to rebuild
    business systems
  • Maximize your services by building
    a dynamic organizational culture.


Certification and Award

  • 2020 김해형 강소기업 선정
  • 중소벤처기업부장관 표창
  • 대한민국 국회 표창장
  • 기업부설연구소 인정서
  • 품질경영시스템
  • 환경경영시스템
  • 경영혁신형 MAIN BIZ
  • 기술혁신형 INNO BIZ
  • 하체운동기구 KC인증
  • 상체운동기구 KC인증
  • 복부운동기구 KC인증

보유특허 현황

  • 뉴텍웰니스 상표
  • 뉴텍웰니스 중국 상표
  • M-TORTURE 상표
  • 복합헬스기구 특허
  • 스쿼트 운동기구 특허
  • 어깨운동기구 특허
  • 모노리프트 실용신안
  • 운동기구용 손잡이 디자인
  • 스쿼트 운동기구 디자인
  • 신체단련용 운동기구 디자인
  • FITPLE 상표


109-38, Yongdeok-ro 23beon-gil, Hallim-myeon, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea TEL. 051-343-1561 FAX. 051-343-1562