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Notice Decided to increase the unit price from orders scheduled for delivery on January 1, 2023 2022-07-20        관리자

hello. New Tech Wellness.

 We are always grateful for the love and interest you give to Newtech Wellness, and we wish all the representatives who are working hard to revitalize life sports for endless development in the future.

 Despite the continuous rise in raw materials and incidental costs (oil price, labor cost, etc.) year after year, Newtech Wellness has put a lot of effort into supplying products with the best quality and price. However, it was difficult to endure and manage the business, so it was inevitably decided to raise the unit price.

 Representatives of gyms across the country will have many difficulties, but we ask for your help in this unit price increase, and we will do our best to provide better quality products in the future.

※ Application period: From orders scheduled for delivery on January 1, 2023.

 For inquiries, please contact New Tech Wellness Sales Department.
(T:+82 55-343-1561 / H.P:+82 10-6243-1561)
thank you
Notice Dual Pully (NT-C-DP) Product (Products shipped before 2019.01.01.) Safety Accident Preven... 2022-07-20        관리자

Hello, this is Newtech Wellness.

First of all, thank you for your love and interest in New Tech Wellness.
Recently, dual pulley (NT-C-DP) products shipped before January 1, 2019 (not applicable to products shipped after January 1, 2019)
In the process of using by two or more people simultaneously pulling forward, there was a case in which the instrument fell forward.
In this regard, we will notify you of the precautions for using the product.

There is no problem in using the dual pulley by two people, but each gym manager and
The manager asks for guidance and management to members and users.

To prevent accidents like this case, the length of the front support (forefoot) for dual pulleys shipped before January 1, 2019 has been extended
We would like to proceed with the work for a fee. If you wish, please contact us at 055-343-1561 or 010-6243-1561.

We, Newtech Wellness, will do our best to respond to the love and interest you give us with better products and services.
We also send support and encouragement to representatives from all over the country who are constantly working hard to promote the health of the people and vitalize physical education.

The sweltering heat is here again in 2022.
Please take care of your health at all times in the midst of COVID-19, which is not yet over, and the return of heat.

thank you

KakaoTalk Inquiry ID: newtechwellness

+82) 55-343-1561 / 10-7939-1561
2019 MONSTERZYM PRO 2019-10-30        관리자

From October 19 to 20, "2019 IFBB Professional League Monster Gym Pro" was held at Yes24 Live Hall in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul for two days.

In this competition, many players participated in the event to become the main character of IFBB Pro Card, which is a competition where Mr. Olympia's participation in 2020.

Newtech Wellness Co., Ltd., which signed a partnership agreement with Mr. Olympia, the world's top bodybuilding competition, installed new sports equipment such as 'tri cable, V-squat and wide chest press' in the waiting room to support the participating athletes and Monster-zym  professional competition.