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As Mr. Olympia's partner, 

We will write down a new fitness market

at home and abroad.


‘To ensure that everyone can be healthy and happy at the age of 100, NewtechWellness Co., Ltd. is constantly striving to promote the health of the people as well as to promote sports-for-all.’

Newtech Wellness Co., Ltd. is rewriting the fitness market at home and abroad based on its accumulated technology and research experience. In line with the global era, we meet various needs of our domestic and foreign customers through one-stop service that is responsible for everything from product development to production and manufacturing, domestic and overseas sales, delivery and installation, and A/S.
We continue to roll out new products for the growth of competitive enterprises, demonstrating our technical skills and expertise. Newtech Wellness Co., Ltd. is Mr. Olympia's partner, and will be rewriting the fitness market at home and abroad.

  • Newtech Wellness, the nation's top health machine maker
    To develop high-quality products and continue to grow Newtec Wellness Inc. will continue to challenge itself with a passionate and flexible attitude.
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